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Essential Houseplant Mastery

The Novice’s Guide to Growing & Propagating the 12 Easiest & Housplants

Guide for new houseplant parents to make your houseplants thrive!

Take a look at my top 12 easiest houseplants to grow

I included a variety of very different houseplants for the beginner to focus on and start collecting. Gain the confidence that you need and deserve!

Chapters on Pothos, Pilea peperomioides, Monstera deliciosa, ZZ Plant, Sansevieria, Parlor Palm, Cast Iron Plant, Peace Lily, Christmas Cactus, Lucky Bamboo, Air Plant, and African Violet.

General care for each plant is included. Troubleshooting and propagation are also discussed!

Chapters also on general care for ANY houseplant!

Learn crucial general houseplant care topics that you can apply to ANY plant.
Not just those plants featured in this book!

Separate chapters are including on the following general topics:

How to properly water

Fertilizing Basics

How to Repot

Also discussed is the one secret that any plant parent needs to know in order to have your housplant REALLY thrive!

Don’t take my word for it though…
take a look at just a few of my happy customer reviews.

“This book is a must have for plant lovers. I have bought many, many informational books about plant care and have found this resource to be the best of all! Concise and easy to understand, yet full of great advice and methods for keeping your plant babies alive. Highly recommend this book!!! Your plants will be thriving in no time!”

– Peter

“This is a great guide for anyone and everyone new to houseplants and even for those that know a lot. After reading this book, you will feel confident and ready to take care of your plant babies. Di Lallo answers all of your questions from, lighting, temperature, watering, fertilizing and even propagation. Get this guide! You’ll love it!”

– Tyson

“I think this is a great book to have on hand for any plant lover!!! Directions are easy to follow. I especially love how each plant chapter has a troubleshooting section at the end. The general information chapters at the end are helpful too!! I have been following Rafaelle for a couple of years on Instagram & his blog. I always look forward to what he’s doing next.”

– Meghan

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Raffaele Di Lallo is the founder of Ohio Tropics and has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to grow houseplants.

His daily tips on Instagram (@ohiotropics) and his houseplant blog continue to inspire and educate countless people every month on houseplant care.

His blog site has readers in over 150 countries and has been named in the top 25 houseplant blogs on the internet.
Besides being a lifetime gardener, he has received his Certificate of Home Horticulture from the Oregon State University as a part of their Master Gardener program, completed a Green Gardener program at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and is a member of the American Orchid Society.

Raffaele earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Raffaele has been interviewed for multiple podcasts including On the Ledge, hosted by Jane Perrone in the U.K.

He is also a freelance part-time writer for Gardening Know How and runs his own houseplant consultation business. Raffaele has been invited as a speaker and has appeared on TV as a guest on the news talking about houseplant care.