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Watex Mobile Green Wall Product Review

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Recently, I have had the pleasure to use and evaluate the single frame Watex Mobile Green Wall.  It is quite a versatile product and can meet many different gardening needs, whether you are using it indoors or outdoors!  I will get into my personal evaluation of the product, as well as recommendations and ideas on how to use this product.  Please note that this is a sponsored post.

Watex Mobile Green Wall

Assembling the Watex Mobile Green Wall

I am always very leery anytime there is extensive assembly involved, but in this case, I am pleased to announce that the assembly was a cinch!  I have been frustrated with many assembly projects in the past. 

Poor directions, too many parts, and complicated designs make for a frustrating user experience.  However, the instructions that Watex provided were perfect and very easy to follow.

I am more of a visual learner and don’t want to read a novel the length of War and Peace in order to help me assemble something. 

The instructions for both the mobile green wall, as well as the greenhouse kit, were very visual and contained only necessary words to help out with the process. 

I was able to quickly follow the step-by-step pictorial instructions with ease.  It probably took me half an hour at the most to assemble both the mobile green wall and the greenhouse.

All of the metal rods and components were either clearly labeled, or easily distinguished, and easily referenced in the assembly diagram.  The instructions were very clear overall. 

I was pleasantly surprised because there seemed to be quite a few parts, but the ease of assembly surpassed any expectations I had.

Specifications of the Watex Mobile Green Wall

The Watex Mobile Green Wall, Single Frame comes with the following components:

The metal mobile green wall frame is 45 (H) x 17.71 (W) X 12.59 (L).

9 black Herb & Flower pots – dimensions W x H x D: 5 x6.5 x 5 inches

2 Grow-your-own planters – dimensions W x H x D: 15.75 x 7.67 x 8.07

1 Pre-assembled micro irrigation system

1 Greenhouse unit sold separately (but there is an offer right now where you can get the greenhouse unit for free when you buy the mobile green wall!)

Watex Mobile Green Wall


Benefits of the Watex Mobile Green Wall

The first thing that comes to mind is the very efficient use of space that this product affords you!  It is perfect for anyone that has limited space. 

Or if you have an ever-growing houseplant collection like me, it is a great way to maximize space indoors for houseplants by growing vertically!

The unit itself is easy to handle and move around.  All off the tray units can be easily hung and removed from the wire racks. 

They simply hang right on the unit.  And if you want to move the whole unit, it is very easy to do since it is on 4 wheels. 

Once you find a good location, you can simply lock two of the wheels and the whole wall will easily stay in place.

You can repot plants directly into the trays that the unit comes with, or you can simply set your existing potted plants directly into the trays. 

This is how I chose to use the unit for now, but I will also provide additional ideas in the next section.

Ideas for Using the Watex Mobile Green Wall

Besides the mixed houseplant application that I showed above in my photo, here are more ideas for how you can use the Watex Mobile Green Wall, Single Frame:

You can use it to grow cool weather vegetables and crops.  This Fall, once it finally cools down in my region, I am planning on using the unit outdoors. 

I will fill the trays with soil and sow arugula, lettuce, spinach and other cool weather crops.  The available greenhouse kit, which is available separately and currently free with the purchase of a mobile green wall, makes it easy to protect the unit from animals, and also from excess wind and frost at night. 

In addition, if you place the unit by a hose, you can then use the pre-assembled micro irrigation unit to water everything. 

Simply screw in the irrigation unit wherever a hose would go, and turn the water on.  A gentle trickling of water will then provide moisture for each individual tray.

Another application is to plant various herbs, whether you plant them indoors or outdoors!  What a great way to plant a variety of herbs.  Since there are 9 smaller trays and two bigger ones, you can practically grow all the major herbs that you need for your cooking needs! 

Think of all the delightful herbs you can plant:  parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, various mints.  The possibilities are endless.

Another idea is to use it for trailing plants indoors, such as Pothos, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Spider Plants, and other trailers. 

Once the plants grow, you can have a solid green living wall and you won’t even see the black trays anymore!

Lastly, this product would be perfect for annuals outdoors, especially for smaller or more confined spaces. 

Plant impatiens or other shade lovers, or grow sun loving annuals and use the pre-assembled micro irrigation unit to easily water everything.

The single frame Mobile Green Wall from Watex is truly a great product! 


Sunday 15th of March 2020

I bought the planter with wheels today for my apartment 2nd-floor balcony. I do not have a faucet for the system's watering hose - can I put the hose in a container of water for gravity to pull the water up through the hose, or do you have another suggestion?


Tuesday 17th of March 2020

That I'm not sure of! I would contact Watex and they should be able to help you. There may not be enough water pressure, but I would check with the company.