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Watex Elevated Mobile Planter

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Do you enjoy indoor or outdoor gardening (or both!) but you find it sometimes difficult? Perhaps due to back issues or have bad knees? Or maybe you’d just like a gardening solution that will help you easily move your plants around? The Watex Elevated Mobile Planter is the perfect solution for all these cases!

elevated mobile planter

I have recently had the opportunity to review this wonderful product, so let me tell you a little bit about it. This is a sponsored post but I always strive for honest reviews.

Assembly of Watex Elevated Mobile Planter

I personally despise assembling anything! Unless it is quick to do and has excellent instructions, I get frustrated very quickly.

Fortunately, the Watex Elevated Mobile Planter was very quick and easy to put together! I was determined and focused, and was able to put everything together in about 10 minutes!

The planter was carefully packed and shipped, and there were not a lot of parts to put together. Nor were any tools needed which is a big plus for me!

Features of the Elevated Mobile Planter

There are many features and benefits that the Elevated Mobile Planter affords the indoor or outdoor gardener.

First of all, the planting box is elevated so no more bending over to reach your plants or lift anything heavy. This is great if you have a bad lower back or if you have bad knees.

The planter stand has 4 wheels which makes is very easy to move it around. The wheels even lock in place easily so you won’t have to worry about your mobile garden being TOO mobile!

elevated mobile planter
Wheels lock in place so the unit won’t move

Since it is elevated, it will help deter pets, children and outdoor critters if you use it for outdoor gardening. Especially if you have plants that are considered toxic to people or pets.

elevated mobile planter
Perfect for houseplants or even planting veggies outdoors!

Watex is environmentally conscious and uses recycled plastic for the planter. We all need to be stewards of this Earth and try our best to protect our resources for future generations.

The planter box itself is removable so you can even use the metal stand as a plant shelf with two sturdy shelves. You can even move the planter box onto the ground if you’d like.

The planter box sits on top of the stand securely with 4 grooves at the corners of the planter. It is easily moved, but still very secure.

The planter box includes a moisture gauge to ensure that you aren’t keeping your plants too dry or too wet. This is perfect if you are not quite sure when to water.

elevated mobile planter
Moisture gauge

If the moisture gauge indicates there is too much water, you can simply pull a drainage plug on the side of the planter to drain excess water away.

The Elevated Mobile Planter can be used either indoors for houseplants, or outdoors to plant your favorite annuals, perennials or vegetables. I personally plan on growing some spring greens such as arugula and lettuce, as well as some root crops.

The planter is nice and deep so it is perfect for carrots, beets, radishes, or other root crops! And it is BPA free!

In addition, there is a water reservoir as you can see in the photo below. Extra water is retained here (where the circular inserts are shown in the photo) so this makes it self-watering for a period of time. The moisture gauge will indicate when additional water is needed.

elevated mobile planter
Planter is quite deep so it is perfect for root veggies, or any vegetable

I currently have houseplants in my planter, but I am excited to move it outdoors soon to plant some cool-weather Spring vegetables.

So check out the Watex Elevated Mobile Planter. You will not be disappointed. Is it a sturdy and very versatile product that will meet the needs of both young and old gardeners alike!

The added convenience of the elevated, and mobile, planter box is sure to make your life easier.

What will you plant in your Elevated Mobile Planter?