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17 Best Crystals for Houseplants: Adding a Spiritual Touch

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Knowing the foundations of houseplant care is the most important aspect of growing plants, but you can help raise the vibration even more with crystals. Not only are the crystals beautiful, but they will add a special, spiritual and meditative vibe to your growing space.

Here are the best crystals for houseplants.



1. Amazonite


Houseplants naturally purify indoor air, and Amazonite helps further by helping to protect against electromagnetic pollution coming from cell phones, computers, and more in our indoor environment.

Amazonite is a type of feldspar, which is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. It is no wonder that it is a great crystal for houseplants.

A Water element stone, Amazonite is a stone of communication, and it stimulates both the throat and heart chakras.

Sit and meditate with your Amazonite, and you may quietly hear a whisper from your plants to understand their messages.

Meditating with your Amazonite will also help to magnify our intentions. Speak your affirmations out loud in order to help you and your plants live a peaceful, thriving life together.

2. Amethyst


A Wind element stone, Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, and the second most abundant mineral from the Earth’s crust. It is naturally a good match to keep with our houseplants.

Amethyst is a deeply spiritual crystal, opening our third eye and stimulating our crown chakra. Meditate with your amethyst and allow it to assist you to move to higher states of consciousness.

Amethyst helps to bring calmness and clarity to the mind, so listen closely…and you can hear your plants’ messages.

I personally keep tumbled amethyst in the pots of plants that I have received from departed family members.

3. Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is an Earth element stone, is very heavily grounding, and brings us and our houseplants closer to the Earth and helps to restore our connection with Gaia.

We can not survive without Gaia, and it is even more important than ever to strengthen this relationship.

Black Tourmaline also helps to dissipate negative energy, and allow energy to flow freely. Ground yourself, ground your plants, and be nourished by Gaia.

4. Boji Stone


This unique stone is composed of Pyrite, Palladium, Fossil and Petrified bone. They are only found in Kansas in the United Staates.

They is said to be both a male and a female stone (the ones with the rougher surface are male and the smoother stones are female).

It is a heavily grounding stone, thus bringing us and our plants closer to life-affirming Gaia.

5. Citrine


A Fire element stone and member of the quartz family, Citrine gets its yellow color from iron. It is a stone of abundance.

Keep some citrine among your houseplants to attract prosperity and abundance of growth in your green friends.

It will also help to manifest your own abundance in all areas of life.

6. Clear Quartz


A Storm element stone, Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and clear quartz is a very special crystal. As common as it is, don’t let this fool you.

Clear quartz will amplify the energy of other crystals, so pair your clear quartz with your citrine to magnify abundance of growth for your plants, with black tourmaline to magnify the effects of grounding, etc.

You can also meditate with clear quartz and “program” it with your intentions.

7. Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla is very closely attuned to the Earth’s vibration, and it is a Water element stone, so what better stone could there be for your houseplants?

Chrysocolla is a teaching stone that encourages you and your houseplants to speak your highest truth. So sit in silence, meditate, and you may learn a thing or two from your plants.

8. Dendritic Agate


An Earth element stone, Dendritic Agate leaves nothing to the imagination. This crystal gets its name from a Greek word that means tree-like.

The plant-like inclusions are from iron or manganese, and the inclusions are called dendrites. The inclusions often look like trees or ferns.

As a result, this naturally aligns with the energy of your indoor plants and will help them grow and prosper.

9. Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine encompasses both Water and Earth energy, and thus is a perfect compliment to your indoor houseplants.

It is a stone of “good luck” and helps to manifest abundance, prosperity and growth in your life, and for your green friends indoors.

10. Green Calcite


A Fire and Water element stone, Green Calcite will assist you in being more attuned to your houseplants. It is a wonderful stone for you and your houseplants and strongly resonates with the heart chakra.

Open your heart with the love energy that it provides, and this will help nurture your relationship with your plants and help them prosper.

11. Moonstone


A Wind element stone, Moonstone is a very mystical, magical stone that helps us appreciate the cycles of our lives and everything around us, including our houseplants and gardens.

Just as the moon cycles through from new moon to full moon, so does this stone help us observe and appreciate the natural cycles of plant growth.

Moonstone will help us appreciate the current stages of our plant growth, realizing that growth will not be constant throughout the year. We must live in the moment and appreciate things as they are right now.

Slow down, observe, appreciate, and let your houseplants grow in their own divine timing.

12. Moss Agate


An Earth element stone, Moss Agate stimulates a connection to Gaia and also with Earth spirits and faeries.

It helps to promote abundance in the natural world, and is a perfect compliment to place near your houseplants for a special, spiritual connection.

It will also help us as plant owners forge a special understanding of the natural world around us.

13. Rose Quartz


A Water element stone, Rose Quartz is the stone of love, and closely resonates with the heart chakra. The gentle energy of this stone will permeate everything around it, and will compliment your houseplants and growing space perfectly.

The love vibration emanates and fills your plant room with a beautiful energy, allowing your houseplants to grow to their full potential.

14. Shungite


Shungite is a very powerful stone and is comprised of Fire, Wind and Storm energy. It has a unique molecular structure where carbon is arranged into hollow molecules known as fullerines.

It is a powerful grounding stone, bringing us and our plants closer to the healing energies of Mother Gaia.

Shungite is also a very powerful, purifying stone, eliminating any negative energy and allowing ourselves and our indoor plants to flourish.

15. Smokey Quartz


An Earth element stone, Smokey Quartz is a very heavily grounding stone. It can transmute negative energy and ground it into the Earth, leaving a calmer, more peaceful environment in your growing space for your houseplants.

Smokey Quartz strengthens the connection to the Earth, and allows your indoor plants to flourish in their indoor environment. It also helps to dissipate electromagnetic energy emitted by computers, cell phones, and more.

16. Sodalite


A Wind element stone, Sodalite calms and quiets the mind, and allows us to forge a deeper spiritual connection to our plants.

Be open to the messages from your plants and feel their messages and subtle energies. This stone will help you accomplish that.

17. Tiger’s Eye


A Fire and Earth energy stone, Tiger’s Eye promotes courage and confidence, and thus will help your plants grow abundantly.

Tiger’s Eye is also a highly protective stone, and will help protect yourself and your plants from negative energies and occurrences.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best crystals for houseplants. Remember that there is no right or wrong in choosing a stone for your houseplants or yourself.

Choose ones that you resonate with, and you will be good to go.