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3 Useful Tips on How to Make String of Hearts Fuller

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Have you been wondering how to make String of Hearts fuller? There are many ways that you can accomplish this. Whether you have a plant that is full and you want to keep it that way, or if your plant has gotten bare and you want to help your plant along or even start over from scratch, keep reading to discover all the best tips!



If your plant has gotten bald at the base, here are some tips that will help you rejuvenate your plant and make String of Hearts fuller.


It is important to keep the crown of the plant (or the base of the plant) in good light. If you have a plant that you’re already happy with, this will help it stay in good shape.

If you have your String of Hearts placed on a shelf or hanging above the window itself, over time, the base can become bare if it is not getting enough light.

The crown of this String of Hearts is placed above the actual window, which is not ideal.

Keep the base of the plant right in front of the window (not above, not below, and not to the side!).

String of Hearts needs a lot of light, and if your plant is growing in lower light, you’ll have larger internodes (distance between the leaves along the vine), and it will make your plant more sparse.

Place your plant directly in front of a window, preferably one that gets at least a handful of hours of sun. An unobstructed Eastern or Western exposure window would work very well.


Now, if your plant has gotten bare at the base and you want to make your string of hearts fuller (sometimes called Chain of Hearts), you can implement either of the remaining options below.


If your plant is healthy but you simply don’t have many strands in your pot (for example, if you just have one or two long strands), you can do one of two things.

First, you can leave your vines attached, and circle them on top of your potting mix. Each node (where the leaves meet the vine), once it contact with the soil, should produce a new vine.

For this method, it’s important to pin the vine down so that the nodes have contact with the soil. You can use staples or paperclips that you’ve bent into a U shape to pin down the vine.

Keep the soil fairly moist and each node will create roots and new vines.

Or you can use this second method. It might just be easier to use the butterfly method of propagation. In this method, you would simply snip pieces of the vine so that you have cuttings that look like the photo below.


Each of these cuttings will produce a new vine, so don’t be afraid to space them closely together in your pot.

Check out my step-by-step tutorial on the butterfly method of propagating string of hearts.


Sometimes when you have an old String of Hearts, you will get a lot of of the tubers present on the surface of the soil, and it would be difficult or awkward to place cuttings back in the same pot. There may be little or no room to do so.

This old string of hearts has the surface of the soil almost completely covered with its potato-like tubers.

In cases like this, or if you simply just want to start from scratch, you can simply propagate a new plant.

There are many ways that you can propagate a new plant from scratch. I’ve detailed all these methods in my string of hearts propagation post.

There are some fun and unique ways to propagate, including using the strange little tubers that String of Hearts grows:

Propagate is very fun using tubers that develop along the String of Hearts vines.

In the end, it’s up to you which method you’d like to choose. Over time, especially if you don’t have good enough light, and let your plant dry out too much, these plants can get bare and leggy.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to make string of hearts fuller. Have you tried any of these methods? Comment below. I’d lover to hear!


Tuesday 19th of September 2023

How do you get it to train round a hoop like that one in the picture? It looks so pretty like that, I'd like to try it.


Tuesday 19th of September 2023

Hi Leda! You can simply buy a round hoop that you can insert into your pot, and then wind the strands around. :-)


Saturday 15th of July 2023

I have both the string of hearts and pearls. For a while I have been thinking about propagating them to have more but was afraid I would ruin the plants. But now after reading many pages and links that you provided I am ready! You are so thorough with directions and ways to do this. Thank you! I will write back and let you know of my success!



Monday 17th of July 2023

I'm happy to hear that Mary! Please let me know after you've tried!

Katie Glaser

Monday 16th of January 2023

1. In your opinion, what is the best way to propegate string of hearts using the same pot (i.e. not a new fresh one)? I'm wondering if I can do the butterfly method in the same pot? My end goal is a fuller plant, not a new one.

2. Pumice v charcoal - which one does this plant prefer?



Sunday 22nd of January 2023

With the butterfly method, you will maximize the number of vines that you get. Each cutting will produce a new vine. You can definitely try to place the cuttings in the same pot. You'd just have to be careful when you water. It may be better to root them in a separate pot first, and then place it back in the original pot. Or you can do both and see what works best :-) I prefer pumice vs. charcoal. Charcoal isn't terribly necessary.


Sunday 10th of July 2022

If you have a string of hearts plant that is covered with tubers on the top of the soil and want to start fresh, do you bury the tubers in the fresh soil just under the surface? Of course I’m making use of the vines too in other pots! Thank you for taking the time to answer me.


Monday 11th of July 2022

I would still leave them a little exposed Judy. Don't bury them completely, especially if they've been exposed for a while. It won't hurt to just leave them at the same level that they are right now. Good luck!