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13 Beautiful Indoor Hanging Plants That Don’t Need Sun

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Are you looking for a great selection of indoor hanging plants that don’t need sun? Even with no sun at all streaming through your windows, there is still a good selection of plants for these locations. Keep reading to find out my top 13 recommended plants for windows with no sun!


Now, this doesn’t mean that you can place these plants anywhere. For optimal results, you still want your plants hanging immediately in front of a window for best results.

Many of the plants below will also grow just fine even a few feet away from a window, but I still recommend as close to a window as possible.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, North facing windows will have no direct sun, and all of the plants below will thrive in these locations. If you live in the southern hemisphere, the equivalent will be a southern facing window.

One more comment before I introduce my 13 selections. All of these plants CAN benefit from a little direct sun indoors, but they will be perfectly fine with no direct sun at all indoors and will do well in lower light locations.


All of the plants below either trail and vine out, or have a cascading habit.



Who doesn’t love a pothos? These plants are remarkably versatile and can grow in a variety of light conditions, from full shade to full sun.

They’re also one of the few plants that can grow and even thrive in locations even far from a window, though you will get better growth immediately in front of a window.

These vining plants can get quite long, so be sure to trim and propagate your Pothos occasionally and share with your friends.

And you don’t have to be limited to just the plain old Golden Pothos.

Be sure to check out my Pothos Varieties post to check out all the beautiful Pothos types there are out there that you can enjoy in your home.


Heart Leaf Philodendron, botanically known as Philodendron hederaceum, is just as easy to grow as a Pothos, and they look very similar, except with solid green leaves.

If you’re having trouble distinguishing between the two, check out my blog post on Pothos vs. Philodendron for a detailed description on the differences, with photos to illustrate.

Just like Pothos, their vines get quite long, making it a perfect choice for a hanging basket for a low light window. You can trim your heart leaf Philodendron to your liking if it gets too long.



Another popular choice for a no-sun window, Monstera adansonii, or Swiss Cheese Vine, is the perfect choice for a hanging basket.

This is a pretty fast grower, so you’ll be wrapping those vine around the hanging basket in no time, and trimming and propagating frequently.

In a hanging basket, the leaves will not get too large. Like many other vining aroids, It’s only when you give your plant a climbing support that it can attach onto (like a moss pole) that the leaves will get larger with more and more fenestrations (holes and slits in the leaves).



If the have the space, a Boston Fern is a wonderful plant for a sunless window. Make sure to keep the potting mix nice and moist and never let it dry out for best results, otherwise you’ll get brown, crispy fronds.

Some leaf drop is normal so don’t expect perfection!



Many people are scared of Maidenhair Ferns, but there is nothing to be worried about if you can provide your plant with the moisture that it loves.

Never, ever let the potting mix dry out. Water your plant as soon as the surface starts to approach dryness, and this will go a long way in keeping your plant in good condition.



Prayer Plants are stunning foliage plants that will gently cascade from your hanging basket.

These members of the Maranta genus will “pray” and fold their leaves up at night, only to relax them back down during the day.

Prayer Plants can be sensitive to tap water, so use distilled water, RO water, or filtered water for best results.



Commonly called Silver Philodendrons (which are actually not Philodendrons at all), these plants belong in the Scindapsus genus. But they just as easy to grow as a Philodendron.

They will form long vines, making the the perfect choice for hanging baskets, and the speckled foliage adds a lot of visual interest.



Philodendron ‘Brasil’ is basically a variegated version of the plain old Heart Leaf Philodendron. If you’re into variegated plants, this will make a beautiful addition to your collection.

The beautiful, heart-shaped, cascading, variegated leaves offer a very decorative display in your sunless window.



Spider plants, botanically known as Chlorophytum comosum, are some of the easiest houseplants you can grow.

They’re fun to grow and and also propagate from the numerous babies that it produces on its long stolons. All you need is one plant and you will have an endless supply!

They even form small, dainty flowers for added visual interest.



English Ivy is a great choice for a sunless window. It can grow lush and full with cascading emerald green foliage. It’s also easily propagated by cuttings.

It will even do well in cooler, sunless rooms, as this will also help deter spider mites which they can be prone to. (Spider mites tend to thrive in warm, dry air.)



Syngoniums, commonly known as Arrowhead Vine, are super easy to grow plants that are perfect for a lower light window.

When you buy a Syngonium, they are typically a shorter, bushier specimen, but don’t be fooled. Most of them will eventually start to vine out, making them a great hanging basket plant.

If you love Syngoniums, be sure not to miss my Syngonium Varieties post. They even come in pink!



Normally, I’d recommend placing your Christmas Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus (they’re two different plants, but the care is the same) in a window with some direct sun.

However, when I was growing up, I grew an amazing Christmas Cactus specimen in front of a very large north facing sliding door. It trailed 3 feet long and exploded into bloom for a good 4-5 months each year.

If you have a nice big window with no sun, this plant will be a great choice for that spot.

Struggling to get your plant to bloom? Don’t miss my post on how to get your holiday cactus to bloom.



Another wonderful fern to grow in a sunless window, Staghorn Fern makes a unique statement with its growth habit. Often, they are mounted on slabs of wood, or even grown in pots with sphagnum moss.

Make sure that you also spray the fronds of Staghorn Ferns when you water since these will also absorb water through their foliage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on indoor hanging plants that don’t need sun. What are your favorite hanging plants for sunless windows? Comment below. I’d love to hear!